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Self Help and Responsibilities

 Corve bridge June 2007  self help for property owners

Reducing flood risk

People and property: protecting ourselves and our property is a key part of helping to reduce the impact of flooding not only on our own homes and businesses, but on our community as well.  What can you do?

The National Flood Forum has produced an information booklet Ready for Flooding which outlines a range of means of protecting your property.  It includes advide on prepration for floods and on flood recovery, on insurance and it can also help in preparing your own individual flood plan. 

The Environment Agency has produced a brochure Living on the Edge, downloadable free of charge and which is essential reading for any owner of property on or adjacent to rivers.  In particular, for the Teme and the Corve, both of which are classed as main rivers, it is the landowner's responsibility to ensure that any obstructions to water flow are cleared.  This means that for large obstructions and where there is a potential flood risk the Environment Agency should be consulted.  Environment Agency can be contacted on 03708 505 506 Monday-Friday 0800-1600 or by email.  They also have an incident hotline on 0800 807060 and floodline 0345 988 1188, both 24-hour response.

Who is vulnerable?

If your home is flooded, will you need assistance to leave quickly?  Are your neighbours vulnerable, old or infirm?  Make sure that 'someone' in your street knows who may need help in an emergency.  When flooding happens, speed is of the essence!

Flood defences

The fist line of defence against an imminent flood incident is sandbags. The Environment Agency have produced a  booklet containing useful advice on acquiring and using them.

Free property flood protection assessments

Shropshire Council's Flood and Water Management team is working hard to manage flood risk across the county and is busy learning about the flooding issues that affect different areas.  As part of this brief it is offering property owners in Shropshire free flood protection assessments of properties in which internal flooding has been experienced.  Assessments are carried out by an approved surveyor who is independent of the manufacturers of products related to flooding. 

An assessment will be made of the likely routes of ingress of flood water entering your property, and measures that could be taken to prevent or mitigate flood damage to your home will be suggested.  After visiting, the surveyor will issue a brief report outlining the findings.  You can then use the report to help plan protective measures for your property.  Shropshire Council can provide further guidance on the types of product that are available.

To request a visit please send your contact details including name, address, postcode and telephone number to flood@shropshire.gov.uk.  Please pass this information on to residents in your parish who may be interested.