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Current planning applications In Ludlow

Details of these applications will be found on Shropshire Council'splanning website

 19/00242/REM Plans for housing on former Whittle Bus Depot

 FCT have commented on this planning application as follows:

Lower Corve Street is known to suffer from problems of surface water and flash flooding.  There are no plans for sustainable drainage in this planning application, and roads, pavements and parking areas would appear to have hard surfacing, which, if implemented, would worsen these issues for Lower Corve Street residents.   Permeable surfaces should be used wherever possible within this development to provide a net gain of reduced runoff. 

 18/05877/FUL Application to build 2 houses on Bridge Inn car park

FCT have submitted the following letter to Shropshire Council concerning this application.

 We agree with Councillor Boddington’s views re the above application, viz: that the plans are an improvement; positioning is better; parking and the historic wall have been retained, and four new trees and hedging are proposed.  This is to be commended.  However, we reiterate the concerns expressed in our previous letter, regarding the need to use permeable materials instead of the proposed concrete slabs on the surfaces in front of the houses, and the path area behind.  Lower Corve Street has a recorded history of flooding from the river, and in recent years has been prone to frequent flash flooding, causing severe damage to houses and businesses.  It is both environmental common sense and good marketing to use materials which can alleviate damage caused by run-off and storm drainage. 

17/00230/FUL Application to build 3 houses on woodland adjacent to Linney House

Numerous objections have been made to this proposed development ever since the original application 12/02275/FUL. We are concerned particularly with flood risks, the inaccuracy of flood maps used due to incorrect assessment and lack of understanding of local geography and geology which will inevitably result in groundwater rise. There is no reference to the former sand and gravel workings on the site.The proposed houses lie within a few metres of the Corve which has flooded there 5 times during the past century. Two of the 3 houses lie within Flood Zone 2. No proper provision is made for disposing of excess water, the existing Linney sewer is already at maximum capacity, and SUDS will be completely ineffective owing to the low elevation and high water table.

FCT have accordingly made an objection to this application, as have residents of Linney and councillor for Ludlow North Andy Boddington

Concerned individuals can also make comments to Shropshire Council. Their preferred method of receiving any representations is via the Online Planning Register under Public Access on the Shropshire Council planning website. Comments submitted through Public Access will be automatically acknowledged and the progress of the application can be monitored in this way.