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Friends of the Corve and Teme 

Ludlow's flood action and river environment group


Green Initiatves for flood prevention

Possible campaigns that Shropshire Council could publicly support aimed at future flood prevention include:

  • Green roofs
  • Living walls
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Permeable surfaces in public spaces, e.g. car parks, schools
  • Tree planting along the river banks
  • 'Fascines' - bundles or faggots of either live or dead brushwood from Ash, Hazel or Willow which are tied together and laid on flood-vulnerable land act as a mattress and absorb water.  These can also by staked upright on river banks to act as a 'brake' or filter.  The silt they absorbe can then be pt back inot the land as nutrient.  Willow is relatively fast-growing, and if it is planted fascines can be made from these very quickly.
  • Appeals to the public to use less concrete in their gardens!

A video of the work being done in Stroud shows technical details of the use of natural flood prevention and management techniques.